Jodi Schwartz, LMT, CIMI

About Rosen Method Bodywork

The body holds what the mind and spirit can’t or wont acknowledge in the moment.  Rosen Method assists clients in connecting with what is consciously unknown and limiting, yet true for them.  The connections between a person’s body and their inner truths are explored through collaborative dialogue and a gentle listening touch. 

The benefits of this method include, decreased chronic pain, decreased anxiety, deep relaxation and more embodied living, including flexibility, fluidity and comfort in one’s own skin.

How Rosen Method Works

Muscular tension, or holding, is the body’s way of trying to insulate us from feelings and emotions that were too difficult or painful to process fully at the time they occurred. It takes a lot of effort though to hold feelings and emotions inside, to force them down, or to push them away. Over time, the holding becomes unconscious—we forget we are even doing it or why—and chronic holding that once was a way to protect ourselves can become a burden to bear, a barrier to authentic experience, expression, and connection and a source of stress, anxiety, fatigue, pain, and even disease.

Rosen Method assists people in helping themselves find, feel, and emotionally connect with their own bodily structure.  The connection between body structure and emotion is the first step to healing the human system, mind, body, soul, and spirit; the first step to acceptance, freedom, and happiness. 

Rosen Method is a fine complement to psychotherapy and medical or alternative health care and a wonderful approach to personal and life enhancement.  It is unsuitable, however, for persons suffering from acute physical injury or serious mental disturbances like psychosis or schizophrenia, and is not a means of or substitute for medical or mental health diagnosis and treatment.  

Developed by Marion Rosen, a pioneer in the field of mind-body therapies for over 70 years, Rosen Method is offered around the world. 

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