Jodi Schwartz, LMT, CIMI

Overview of a Rosen Method Bodywork Session

A Rosen Method Bodywork session is typically fifty (50) minutes.  It is generally done on a massage table with the client dressed to their comfort level or unclothed except for underwear and appropriately draped for comfort and privacy.  Pillows or bolsters are provided for comfort, and no oils or lotions are used.

A session generally begins with you lying face down if that is comfortable, and you will be asked to turn over onto your back about halfway through the session.  If you have any physical limitations or concerns or cannot lie comfortably for long periods on either your stomach or back, the session can be done in side-lying position or while seated in a chair.  

During the session, we will often talk about what you notice happening in your body and in your experience since enhanced self-awareness is an integral part of the work.  You are also always welcome to ask any questions or share any thoughts or feelings as they arise, and you do not have to.    

If possible, you should allow yourself at least an hour after a session without other commitments to support your system's gentle integration of the experience. 


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