Jodi Schwartz, LMT, CIMI

Published Studies on Rosen Method

Published studies on the effectiveness of Rosen Method Bodywork include:       

Out of a sample of 53 Swedish RMB (Rosen Method Bodywork) clients, 48 described enhanced physical health, body awareness, reduction in depressed feelings, anxiety and stress, support for personal growth, and ability to self-initiate life changes as a result of RMB.

People who participated in an employee wellness program in California that included RMB along with diet and exercise showed significant reductions in blood pressure, body weight and body fat and an increase in perceived quality of life.

RMB was effective in a significant reduction of long-term chronic pain and reduced intake of pain medication in this case study report from Denmark.

In a sample of 34 health married couples in Utah, aged 20 to 39 years, 15 minutes per day of Rosen Method "listening" touch (compared to a behavioral intervention control group) increased oxytocin and decreased stress hormones in both males and females, and also reduced blood pressure in males compared to the control group.

In a sample of five women with chronic low-back pain who received six months of Rosen Bodywork treatments, all reported less pain, less work disability, less fatigue, increased feelings of well-being and increased sense of control over their lives.  This study, which tracked daily self-reports on measures of pain, fatigue, well-being, and sense of control, also found that ups and downs, feeling better and worse, were a normal part of recovery and may help to build resilience.  Study can be found at:

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